WHO does the PAS® help? YOU…if you are helping people work and play well with others.

‘Marginalized’ is a term applied to individuals who live on the sidelines of society.

Marginalized populations are on public assistance, homeless, addicts, at-risk youth, offenders, ex-offenders, ex-gang members, school drop-outs, single mothers, hard-to-employ, etc.

Right Time’s meta-analysis of 50,000 pages of research identified that many marginalized individuals cannot or will not share key internal information about themselves. This deprives organizations who are attempting to help them of critical decision-making information.

Therefore, there was a need for a simple and cost-effective method to identify and report on a person’s internal dynamic information. The PAS® was the result of that research need.

The PAS® was piloted and proven to be reliable.

The PAS® has been statistically evaluated and determined reliable by  Vector Psychometric Group, an independent data analysis organization in Greensboro, NC. The PAS® has a 0.84 overall reliability.

The Vector Psychometric report is available upon request.

The PAS® is now benefiting diverse organizations in multiple industries who wish to know if people are really ready for help. It then adds their participants’ dynamic information to their participants’ static information.

The PAS® is a game changer. It is not sold or bought. It’s adopted slowly. Learn more.