Where is the PAS® helping? Where has the PAS® helped?

The PAS® is helping, and has helped, organizations within the criminal justice system, workforce development, and public assistance industries. The PAS® is an assessment that identifies what really matters when attempting to change lives or align the right person with the right organization – internal dynamic factors, not external historical static factors.

The power of the PAS® lies in its unique reporting capabilities. Right Time evaluates a person’s answers and provides customized reporting that meets an organization’s dynamic informational needs.

The PAS® has been statistically evaluated and determined reliable by  Vector Psychometric Group, an independent data analysis organization in Greensboro, NC. The PAS® has a 0.84 overall reliability. The Vector Psychometric report is available upon request.

Learn how a court is utilizing the PAS® to reduce recidivism in the criminal justice system.

Learn how a county agency is using the PAS® to help TANF participants reduce their dependency on government assistance.

Learn how a temporary staffing agency is utilizing the PAS® to screen out applicants with personality disorders.

Learn how two prison programs used PAS® program impact studies to gain corrections funding and launch their corrections program.

The PAS® is not sold or bought. It’s adopted. Become a PAS® believer.

Learn more. Receive customized reports and see what others are doing.