WHERE is the PAS® helping? The PAS® is helping organizations within multiple industries.

The PAS® benefits everyone involved in the criminal justice system, workforce development initiatives, and treatment programs. If you are helping people have better tomorrows, the PAS® will benefit you.

Right Time’s PAS® evaluates the people you are helping holistically and then provides you customized reports that match your intervention.

We will gladly share with you one-on-one how others have added their participants’ dynamic voice to their intervention. You’ll be surprised who is discovering the power of the PAS®

The power of the PAS® lies in its unique reporting.

Are you in corrections? Re-entry? The courts? Law enforcement? Do you help the marginalized overcome their barriers and help them find work? Are you a mental health provider? Do you operate a shelter for the homeless? Right Time’s PAS® will help you have better outcomes faster! The PAS® will even help you hire the right employee for the right position. We’ll prove it to you..

Yes. The PAS® is a game changer. It is not sold or bought. It’s adopted slowly. Learn more.