Where is the PAS® helping? The PAS® is primarily helping organizations within the criminal justice system, workforce development, and treatment industries.

The PAS® benefits everyone involved in the criminal justice system committed to offender rehabilitation.

The PAS® benefits everyone involved in workforce development initiatives that educate, train, and support employment opportunities.

The PAS® benefits everyone involved in treatment that empowers marginalized individuals and their families to overcome their difficulties by thinking differently.

The power of the PAS® lies in its unique reporting.

Right Time’s PAS® evaluates the people you are helping holistically and then provides you customized reports that match your intervention. Learn how others have added their participants’ dynamic voice to their intervention. You’ll be surprised who is discovering the power of the PAS®.

Learn how a court is utilizing the PAS® to reduce recidivism in its probation department.

Learn how a county agency is using the PAS® to help TANF participants reduce their dependency on government assistance.

Learn how an offender re-entry company is using the PAS® to screen in and screen out applicants.

Learn how two prison programs used PAS® program impact studies to gain corrections funding and launch their corrections program.

Learn how a for-profit home remodeling holding company is using the PAS® in its recruiting and hiring processes.

Learn how a psychiatrist is using the PAS® to help his individual clients.

There are more…

Yes. The PAS® is a game changer. It is not sold or bought. It’s adopted slowly. Learn more.