HOW does the PAS® help? You can only fix or hire from what you know. The PAS® closes the gap between what you do know about a person and what you need to know about a person. Adding their internal truth to your decision making increases your chances for success.

The PAS® identifies and reports on a person’s internal factors. These are the multiple factors capable of being changed through your intervention(s). This helps you help them rise above their past or current challenges.

The PAS® identifies and reports on a person’s traits. Understanding their learning capability, resilience, sociability, and personality improves your decisions and decreases their resistance to your desired change. You expedite removing the barriers that keep them from becoming more prosocial and self-sufficient.

The PAS® helps you identify applicants with damaging personality traits.

The PAS® helps you select only those who work well with others in the right ways. Are your applicants honest? Are they punctual? Are they responsible? Are there any personality disorders? You can know up front if they are a good fit for you and your organization – or not!

The PAS® is not sold or bought. It’s adopted. Become a PAS® believer.

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