This website may not be for you…

This website was developed for organizational leaders who help marginalized populations rise above their past or current hardships...

(…marginalized populations being offenders, ex-offenders, at-risk youth, those on public assistance, homeless, recovering addicts, ex-gang members, drop outs, mental health patients, hard-to-employ, etc.)

What is the PAS®?

The PAS® is an innovative assessment developed by Right Time that identifies a marginalized person’s internal elements amenable to change through intervention (motivation, reliance, self-esteem, spirituality, many more…).

The PAS® is innovative because it holistically identifies a person’s dynamic information in real time and then tailors reporting to match an organization’s chosen intervention.

How does the PAS® help?

If you work with marginalized populations you will simply gain better outcomes faster. Knowing the people you are helping from the inside out allows your organization to (1) better allocate your scarce resources (2) make quicker decisions (3) accelerate your relationships (4) retain or find favorable funding.

What is the purpose of this website?

This website is written to introduce you to the PAS®.

This website briefly identifies what the PAS® is, why was it developed, who it can help, and a few industries where is it currently being used.

Why was this website developed this way?

If you are interested you must first become aware of the PAS® before evaluating its potential impact in your organization.

The PAS® is a game-changing innovation. It is not sold or bought. It’s adopted. There is a slow and steady adoption process in place to eliminate any negative unintended consequences of its use. All of this, of course, is at no cost for you.

So, first things first…

Are you interested in learning more about the PAS®?

If not now, maybe later?