The PAS® benefits treatment organizations/providers who work with marginalized populations by adding their clients’ unknown dynamic information to their clients’ known static information.

Clinicians, counselors, social workers, and case managers are critical in helping marginalized individuals and their families to overcome difficulties. They help criminal justice organizations in their rehabilitation efforts. They help workforce development organizations overcome employment barriers. They help medical organizations in their opioid addiction rehabilitation.

If you are a treatment organization helping marginalized populations, the PAS® is for you!

The PAS® is the voice of your client. It’s a process that identifies your clients’ key internal elements amenable to being changed through counseling. It integrates those elements into customized, dynamic, and real-time reports that help you achieve maximum effectiveness.

The PAS® accelerates your treatment planning. It identifies mental health problems, positive and negative motivations, personality strengths, and what exact steps are needed to change someone’s thinking. The PAS® could also possibly replace, at a lower cost, treatment assessments you currently use.

Add their voice to your intervention for as little as $14. How much of their voice do you need?

The PAS® helps you make up for lost time. You know through research and experience that there is not adequate time to deliver your intervention as effectively as you would like. The PAS® is your shortcut to effective treatment.

For Treatment Organizations:
• Provides program impact and efficacy – leading to additional funding
• Helps with intake criteria – best resource allocation and treatment track
• More focused use of personnel
• Refinement of referral/intake criteria over time

For Treatment Providers:
• Verifies risk/need
• Evidence-based intervention guidelines
• Identifies clients’ learning style, communication preferences, motivations, abilities, and strengths
• Better case management/behavioral outcomes
• Jumpstarts relationships
• Tailors supervision
• Helps with servicing the more violent offender for better treatment outcomes

The PAS® is a game changer. It is not sold or bought. It’s adopted slowly. Learn more.