The PAS® is helping a temporary staffing agency employ the hard-to-employ.

A temporary staffing agency identifies local businesses who are willing to employ marginalized populations. The agency accepts applications from applicants with employment barriers. First, they identify if the applicant is ready to work. If so, they hire the applicant and place them with businesses where there is a cultural match between the applicant and the business.

The agency administers the PAS® to all applicants. At day’s end they send the PAS® to Right Time who identifies for the agency what information the agency needs for its hiring and support decision process.

Note: There are applicants who can disrupt businesses. These applicants can be classified as sociopaths, criminal thinkers, and/or individuals having borderline personality, major depressive, disruptive conduct, obsessive compulsive, and/or anxiety disorders.

It is these applicants that cause absenteeism, theft, gossip spreading, divisiveness, and lack of productivity in the workplace. The PAS® identifies these applicants in the application process thus protecting their business clients while making the best use of the agency’s limited resources.

This reporting process can be a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ No PSF or Strength reports are being issued. A Right Time Account Analyst is available to discuss any agency applicant.

The PAS® is not sold or bought. It’s adopted. Become a PAS® believer.

Learn more about how this agency is screening ‘in’ and screening ‘out’ its applicants.