The PAS® is helping a Municipal Court with its Specialty Courts.

A Specialty Court, or Problem-Solving Court, is a therapeutic approach to decreasing criminal offenses while increasing public safety. Specialty Courts are diversionary courts in which the Judge offers a more intensive court-supervised probation and mandated treatment in lieu of a jail sentence.

The goal is to resolve the issues that prompted the criminal behavior. There are multiple types of Specialty Courts nationwide and they number in the thousands.

Right Time’s Municipal Court client operates four Specialty Courts (Treatment, Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Veterans). Probationers entering a Specialty Court are administered the PAS®.

Two PAS® reports are issued.

A PSF (Prosocial Functioning Report) is issued to the probation officer. The report identifies how prosocial the probationer currently is in the areas of learning, personality balance, resilience, employability, and sociability.

This PSF report closes the gap between what information the Court needs to know that probationers try to hide.

The PSF expedites the probation officer’s treatment plan decisions and helps them better allocate the community’s resources. In addition, the Veterans Specialty Court has a mentor program and the PAS® helps the probation officer match the personality of the probationer with the personality of the volunteer mentor.

A Strength Report is the second report issued. This report goes to the probationer, identifying their individual strengths. The probation officer goes over the Strength Report with each probationer, thus expediting the relationship between PO and probationer. The Strength Report is the voice of the probationer!

The Court will occasionally reassess the probationer at the end of the probationary period. The Court wants to know if the community and intensive probation have created any internal change within the probationer. An Impact Report is issued, showing any internal change.

Over the last three years, the Court has assessed over 400 Specialty Court probationers.

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