The PAS® has helped two outside prison programs receive funding and access.

In 2014 an outside non-profit multi-faith prison program operated a 12 month program within three state prisons. The program sought to transform prisoners who then transformed prisons and communities. Additional funds would be needed to continue to operate the twelve month program.

In anticipation of this need, Right Time was asked to evaluate participant internal change within Cycles 13 and 14 in all three prisons. The year-long program ran from July to June.

The PAS® was administered to incoming participants each July and again the following June for two years. A program Impact Report was written that showed significant decrease in criminal thinking and significant increases in motivation, self-esteem and resilience.

The Data Summary and Analysis of that report is available upon request.  

In May, 2016, program executives, program supporters, and Right Time met before the state legislature committee on funding and requested a $250,000 in a line-item amendment to support the three prison program.

The line-item amendment was approved in June, 2016. 

In 2014 another non-profit wanted to prove to the corrections industry they could transform thinking within prisoners. Theirs was a seven lesson personal development program based on the secrets athletes, entertainers, CEOs, and innovators have been using for years.

They asked Right Time to evaluate a pilot program in one specific prison.

Right Time administered the PAS® to an experimental group who then took the course and a control group who didn’t participate in the intervention. Both groups were reassessed at the completion of the course. A program impact report was written that showed a significant decrease in criminal thinking in the experimental group. 

The Data Summary and Analysis of that report is available upon request. The program is now operating in multiple correctional settings nationwide.

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