What others are saying about the PAS®.

“The PAS® is our road map. It points us in the right direction and helps us get there. More importantly, it helps us to quickly open up a meaningful dialogue with our participants.”

Dan Dickman, Director, Success Unlimited

“I have found the results astounding. When the PAS® report is shared with an offender, he or she is amazed at how accurate the results are. We are starting to incorporate the PAS® into our early adjudication process.

Kimberley Romoser, Senior Probation Officer, Mansfield Municipal Court

“The partners behind Right Time have spent years in a very considered effort to develop and research a scientific means of measuring internal change. Change that sticks is internal. Why haven’t we been able to measure it before?”

Jim Griffin, CEO, New Century Corporation

“Horizon Prison Initiative is a 12 month multi-faith program that transforms prisoners, prison cultures, and communities. Right Time’s assessment and reassessment proved to us internally that our program works. We used their study to help acquire a line item in our state budget.”

Jeff Hunsaker, Former Executive Director Horizon Prison Initiative