…today’s secret…You are the artist when working with marginalized populations.

“Pen and ink is the canvas of my artistic expression,” shouts the writer.   “Wet clay,” shouts the sculptor.
“Oil,” shouts the painter.
“Film,” shouts the movie director.
“Wood,” shouts another.
“Stone,” shouts another.  

Your artistic canvas is “people facing life’s hardships.”  

Your artistry begins with what the world gave them, who they are, and
what they have.  

Then, you help them overcome the factors that block their becoming the best they can be.   

This is one of the most noble of all artistic professions. Unfortunately, you don’t get the recognition that others receive with their ink, clay, oil, film, wood, and stone.  

But, especially during this holiday season, never think your work doesn’t go unnoticed.  

Right Time developed the PAS® to help you with your
“people” canvas.

The day is young. Keep creating.