…today’s secret…Two words that matter.

You’ve chosen to help turn marginalized caterpillars into unmarginalized butterflies.

Beyond doubt, this is difficult.

A sales associate in a retail furniture store recently told the shopper the sofa she was looking at was an eight-way-hand-tied sofa.

It was the zero moment of truth for the associate as she assumed the shopper had the same level of understanding about the sofa.

The associate was hoping her four words would close the sale.

Awkward silence followed. It’s an easy trap to fall into.

People who attempt to persuade other people often miscalculate when they make a statement about a something and then assume the persuadee
automatically recognizes what benefit the statement provides.

Here are two words that will solve this mis-expectation problem. Ready?

which means….

Add these two words, which means, to the end of your statement and then tell them the benefit.

After all, the question they want answered is “What’s in it for me?”

Of course, you need to know what benefit your statement provides them.

“This sofa is eight-way-hand-tied which means it can hold eight kids,
four hound dogs, and a piggy you stole from the shed.”

“The landfill is only temporary work for you which means it gives you a chance to prove how responsible you can be in a tough work environment.”

“Acme Industries moves their workers around to operate different machines at different shifts which means they’ll learn first hand how you adapt to new challenges.”

“The warehouse manager over there is especially hard on temporary employees which means he’ll notice quickly how you follow instructions and handle conflict.”

Adding which means to the end of your statements will help you fast track once thought of creepy-crawly caterpillars into a two winged butterflies that flutter on their own.

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