…today’s secret…the place you start is where they are internally.

You’ve committed yourself to help people who weren’t born diamonds. You’re simply trying to put them in a position where they can work and play well with others.

But simple is never easy, is it?

Your resources are limited. Your time is impossible. And the person you are wanting to help has built a wall around themselves.

Yes, you know their outside situation and how you can help them…but unless you get them involved in your help they will not realize their potential nor go where you want them to go.

You involve them by knowing them up-front…from the inside out!

Do you know their learning capabilities? Resilience? Motivations? Communication preferences? Employability? Social skills? Strengths, etc.?

We do. And, we’ll tell you where they are internally in real-time to match your intervention. This allows you to begin talking with them in their language about what matters to them. This then helps you find their fire!

Our PAS® is the inner voice of your chosen people. It is an innovative tool easily taken by your people in about 30 minutes. Self-reporting. No software. No training. Pen and paper. Low-cost.

If you want status quo, continue on. We’re looking for people who want to add a person’s unknown internal realities to their known external realities to get the ball rolling right.

Right Time’s PAS® adds the voice of your marginalized participant to your intervention which means you can improve your decision making, achieve quicker rapport, gain marketplace advantage, and, maybe, increase your funding.

Are you ready to hear the voice that matters?