…today’s secret… their ‘just a job’ is ‘just the beginning’…

People living on the fringes of society face a complexity of issues in their struggle to choose their way of life.

Every person counts… and your helping them is a noble purpose. One of their benchmarks to self-sufficiency is a career path…not ‘just a job.’

But, their ‘just a job’ is what starts their career path.   Their ‘just a job’ and their next ‘just a job’ needs to anchor degrees of success in their mind…one success building on the next…like cooking with a recipe…plan then execute…

Yes, you work with what you have regardless of who or where they are.  

Got it.

But, you know instinctively that their chances of believing in themselves escalate if you place them in their ‘just a job’ that matches their internal strengths to what your employers covet most.

Your employers tell you what they want in an employee. Right? Sure they do.    And, can you then tell them….if your people will show up? …if they will follow directions? …if they can work in a group? …are adaptable? …are trainable? …how they respond to criticism?

We know the answers… and more!

The PAS® holistically identifies a person’s inner reality. It will then carve out what you need to know to match your people’s strengths to your employers’ needs.


Right Time’s PAS® adds the voice of your marginalized participant to your intervention which means you can improve your decision making, achieve quicker rapport, gain marketplace advantage, and, maybe, increase your funding.