…today’s secret…Hope is optimism…faith is belief.

My grocery store is populated with masked grocery shoppers these days. A sea of conformity.

Behind all those wandering masks are people who may have crooked teeth and stinky breath. Their feet are probably dirty? Can’t tell.

The people at the deli may or may not know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. Can’t tell.

That lady in the wine section may be caught in some conflict at home. Can’t tell.

That whole cereal aisle may be full of flawed and imperfect people, the frozen food aisle full of beautiful people while the produce section is just pure ugliness. Can’t tell.

However, all these masked shoppers believe their tomorrows will come because they are buying groceries today.

They are not hoping for tomorrow to show up. They have faith it will.

The marginalized people you are working with are also masked. How do they see their tomorrows? With hope? With faith?

Can’t tell? Might be a good place to start.

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