…today’s secret…the right ex-offenders make good employees.

Our society desires safety and therefore we lock up our deviants.

Upon release they become ex-offenders looking for employment – a viable labor pool that solves a lot of employment problems in today’s economy.

Unfortunately employers are skeptical to hire ex-offenders. You are somewhat skeptical to place them. Everyone’s glad inmates learn welding behind bars…they’re just not sure if they will torch other employees when hired.

Offenders perceive they have paid for their past sins with time and are now even with society and deserving of employment opportunities.

Not so. Offenders find themselves as society’s modern day lepers.

Society watches them and waits for another sin to confirm that once you are an offender you are always an offender.

Who said life was fair?

Offenders now know they will be scrutinized for the rest of their life. They know they must exceed society’s expectations in order to be merely “tolerated.”

95% of the people incarcerated today will be released sometime.Some should not. Some will return to prison because they are who they are…   …and some will make great employees because they know society’s watching.

Our PAS® can carve who is who for you.


Employers who hire ex-offenders swear by
them as exceptional employees.

Right Time’s PAS® adds the voice of your marginalized participant to your intervention which means you can improve your decision making, achieve quicker rapport, gain marketplace advantage, and, maybe, increase your funding.