…today’s secret…These people aren’t in your owner’s manual.

Marginalized people are in a ‘Survival’ phase. They are trying to keep a roof over their heads and gas in the car.  

You are in a ‘Distribution’ phase. You are focusing on helping them with what you’ve got.  

Unfortunately, there is a percentage of marginalized populations that believe Darwin was right in his survival-of-the-fittest-predator-prey view of mankind…  

…the weak are food for the strong. Winners are predators. Losers are prey.  

Those who have this ‘get all you can’ position in life are NOT the ones you want to place with the business clients who trust you for workers.  

We can ‘screen out’ the undesirables for you in ten minutes at a cost of $4.   Actually, we think of the process as ‘screening in’ those that get you up each morning to help.  

Reply to this e-mail and I’ll tell you how it works in less than 90 words?

Right Time’s PAS® adds the voice of your marginalized participant to your intervention which means you can improve your decision making, achieve quicker rapport, gain marketplace advantage, and, maybe, increase your funding.