…today’s secret…A welcome good-bye!  

Many of my friends wanted to be like Ken and Barbie because they were perfect. I saw them as plastic and hollow toy dolls. I never liked them.  

Many of today’s cities have grown to be Ken and Barbie cities with the same stores, restaurants, lube-joints, etc. There’s a lot of Ken and Barbie wannabes these days.  

But, America is slowly starting to move out of the Ken and Barbie conformity age and swinging back to being your own dog age. Resist conformity.  

Until the pendulum fully swings, marginalized populations in an age of conformity will continue to be defined as flawed outsiders, misfits, mavericks, renegades, and rag-tag-rabble who are a long way from usual and need lots of help to be like Ken and Barbie.  

Marginalized populations in an age of authenicity will be defined as the same flawed outsiders, misfits, mavericks, renegades and rag-tag-rabble. What’s the problem here?  

How do you define marginalized populations?  

(I’m whispering here…)  Your answer may define how you help them.