…today’s secret…Even Broken Crayons Can Color…

School trash cans across America are now awash with broken crayons as kids are pretty quick these days to throw a broken crayon away.

In a box of 64 crayons, if the green crayon breaks, no sweat. Trash it. There is still sea-green, forest-green, olive-green, asparagus-green and spring green to finish coloring that Jolly Green Giant.

Parents don’t seem to mind if this green crayon is thrown away because the art of coloring itself develops a child’s motor skills, patience, relaxation, and self-esteem – even if Mr. Jolly became the Blue or Red Brick Giant.

However, there is an additional crayon lesson here parents and teachers should be telling students:

Broken Crayons Can Still Color…

…each crayon is different yet part of some wonderful whole, whether they come in a box of 64 or 8.

Each crayon has its own special color. Unique. The different colors unite with others in their box to create something beautiful. They defer to each other out of mutual respect.

Green doesn’t control asparagus-green. Green abdicates to asparagus-green when the need is there and the timing is right.

The same lesson can be learned about broken people. Broken people can still color.

You know this because you are working with people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
You know this because you know that in the midst of brokenness dignity is still inherent and not earned.
You know this because you understand that childhood trauma not transformed is transferred to adulthood.

Thank you for not throwing someone away in our throw-away society.

And, thank you for helping others color our world with their uniqueness.