…today’s secret…Who’s The Boss.

The people you are helping have good reasons for doing the things they do.

Well, reasons that make sense to them anyway.

But, isn’t that true of all of us? We do things that makes sense to us.

It’s a simple concept with far reaching implications.

In each aspect of our lives there is a motivational “boss” we’ve chosen to let dictate the “rules” by which we play.

The “boss” is anyone or anything that we want to please. The “rules” are the things that please the “boss.”

When a person you are helping does something that doesn’t make sense to you, that means you probably don’t know who their motivational “boss” is and the “rules” by which they’re playing.

I have a friend whose is extremely competitive. His boss is winning. He plays hard at everything.

I have another friend who is hardwired to eat. His boss is food. He simply cannot NOT eat.

By knowing their motivational “boss” I know their “rules” and I better understand why they play life the way they do.

This doesn’t mean I agree with their reasoning. But, it does mean I’m in a better position to meet them where they are, help them, argue, or even ignore their words and actions.

So, how many motivational “bosses” are out there in this world?

There’s a bunch, but it’s finally started to get noticed that there are 27 basic motivational “bosses” that we are born with.

In each of those 27 “bosses” we are hardwired to have a high motivation on this one, low motivation on that one and same on this one, and maybe we go one way or another on this one or that one.

It is kinda interesting to look at motivational “bosses” from time to time. You might be surprised to connect some dots as to why your friends or family say and/or act the way they do.

And OH, one advantage of knowing the “boss” is of the people you are helping is to better evaluate whether or not your are the right person to help them.