…today’s secret…Jumping Headlong.

Alan Turing invented a machine during WWII that broke the Nazi Enigma code, arguably shortening the war by years and saving thousands of lives. Today we call his machine a computer.

Alan was told that it is the people who no one imagines doing anything that do the things that no one can imagine.

Beethoven was panned by his critics. He told one critic that his music was not for him, but for a later age.

Emily Dickson died with 1,700 unread poems stuffed in her drawer. She wrote for an audience of one – Emily Dickson.

All three of these people were lonely outsiders. Fortunately for us, they were just ahead of their time.

We benefitted greatly from their work.

However, there are a lot of people who are lonely and ignored and not ahead of their time, just existing in it. Real life Zombies…

Every day they get up and tell themselves this isn’t the day they’ve been looking for. They are hoping that you can help them jumpstart to a day when their life starts “for real.”

Yeah, not easy for you. Granted.

Here’s a tip…

Remember that we imagine action before we take it. We see ourselves doing it before we do it.

You can help your people by helping them find something that needs to be done. Then persuade them to throw themselves headlong into it.

Alan, Beety, and Emmy imagined the doing before doing the doing. No one had to convince these three what to do. They were already there.

Sorry, you’re not that lucky.

Maybe you need to start by finding what the people you’re helping already believe in. Meeting them where they are might help you identify what action you want them to take.

That just might get you to the day where their life begins for real.

And, maybe there is an Alan Turing there, just ahead of their time.