…today’s secret…Fighting Unfairness.

Cain came in second behind Abel.

Abel told Cain that if Cain had done all the right things and touched all the bases in order like him, maybe Cain would have done a little better.

Cain thought he had done those things and didn’t handle his follow-up talk with Abel well. Abel would have probably agreed given the chance.

A lot of people these days feel a lot like Cain. They are doing the right things and obeying the rules, but the rewards are being handed to someone else.

Fair point.

If we lived in a world where hard work and good intentions were rewarded and the bad punished, the list of winners and losers in life would look radically different.

We don’t live in that world.

Cutting to the bone here…one secret behind happiness is for us to simply celebrate the ordinary.

That’s right. The times in our lives where we were most happy is a time we were grateful for something, a special moment, a special person, or a special place.

How about that good news about your health, any good news, attending that open air concert on a Thursday evening, that movie that took you to another place for a couple of hours, or regular bowel movements if you are one of the elderly.

I am grateful to you for working with those on the outside of society looking in. I’m thankful for all the staff working with the elderly. I am thankful for all those who are trying to make the world better.

Fighting injustice these days is just flat-out hard.

It’s too late for Cain, but I would ask you to think about celebrating some ordinary things in your life this week. You might be surprised.