…today’s secret…Pattern Recognition.

Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy finds girl. They kiss. World is fine.

You’re watching this movie and early on your gut tells you “I’ve seen this movie, or one like it before.”

This is ‘pattern recognition’ and we humans are pretty good at it.

Unlike the above Hollywood script our world is not so fine these days. We’ve talked about our current cultural chaos before.

The ‘pattern recognition’ we’ve previously discussed is that our current turmoil has been lived before in the 1770s, 1850s, and 1930s. Same storyline. Different characters.

The good news is that people survived those patterns and carried on. The bad news is that we can only speculate* how our current real-life movie is going to end.

Here’s a speculation of mine…

“Between now and our 2024 November election our blinders will keep us from seeing our real election issue – deciding which of two different groups of people are best capable to provide us the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness promised by our Founding Fathers.”

Throughout human history these two groups have wrestled each other to see who wears the pants in the family.

One group is fueled by a belief in progress. They are the upper class, the elites, the nobility, the knowledgeable, the few, the well-to-do, etc.

The other group is fueled by a belief in living to let live. They are the commoners, the many, the ordinary, the working class, the crowd, the masses, etc.

Even Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle had opinions on these two groups.

Dig deep into American history and you’ll discover that our past tumultuous elections were more about the struggle between these two groups than the candidate profiles focused on in the history books.

It’s a bridge too far for these two groups to unite this election season for all of our benefit. Yes, it’s going to stay ugly for a while.

Peace and love are good words to insert into your prayers.

And, during this pattern brawl, I would ask you to keep helping the people you are helping. You are needed now more than ever.

Thanks for reading to the end.

(* Any speculation about anything is a result of adding one’s knowledge to one’s intuition. Speculations generally confirm what people already believe to be true.)