…today’s secret…Deep Smarts.

The most critical question you want to ask the surgeon who is going to operate on you is…

“How many times have you done this successfully?”

Why? Because surgeons learn through practice. Experience does matter.

The surgeon who slices you open must come to a rapid decision if a complex problem develops during your surgery. If he/she can mitigate this situation successfully they have what the pros call ‘Deep Smarts.’

‘Deep Smarts’ is expertise based on first-hand life experiences. ‘Deep Smarts’ is based on know-how more than know-what. They cannot be attained through formal education alone but thru experience grown and slow-cooked to perfection over time.

Yes, your organization has people who are widely experienced. Been there a while. Competent. The ‘Go To’ people when the tough situation arises in your world.

But, did they gain their ‘Deep Smarts’ by random chance over time, or gain them purposefully through a planned approach designed by your leadership?

Question. Is competence enough in your organization to get your job done or should someone be thinking how your organization’s ‘Deep Smarts’ can be identified and transferred to others to ensure future stability and/or growth?

There are ways to get this done…

Again, just curious and thinkin’ our loud here.

Reminder: Please show some ‘Deep Smarts’ this Memorial Day weekend…OK?