…today’s secret…Living your life over.

You get up every day to leave your fingerprints on the world. You are willing to do what a lot of people won’t, or can’t, do.

You work hard. You are busy because you do things. You get things done.

All good.

But, don’t forget, in order to be happy you need work, play, and rest.

Here’s author Jeff Foster’s template for rest.

Let Yourself Rest

If you’re exhausted, rest.
If you don’t feel the urge to make something new, just rest in the beauty of the old, the familiar, the known.
If you don’t feel like talking, stay silent.
If you’re fed up with the news, turn it off.
If you want to postpone something until tomorrow, do it.
If you want to do nothing, let yourself do nothing today.
Feel the fullness of the emptiness, the vastness of the silence, the sheer life in your unproductive moments.
Time does not always need to be filled.
You are enough, simply in your being.

At some point in your life one question will enter into your thoughts…“What would I do if I had my life to live over?”

Would you make more mistakes so you could learn faster? Eat more ice cream? Pick more daisies? Go barefoot earlier in the summer?

Would you still help others have better tomorrows?

Just thinkin’ out loud here…