…today’s secret…Easter Thoughts.

Isn’t it interesting that for about 1,500 years after Jesus rose from the dead storytelling was the primary vehicle for persuading people to believe in and trust Jesus?

Eventually Gutenberg invented his printing press so man could mass produce and distribute God’s operating manual. Whew! Bout time!

Isn’t it also interesting that everything Johannes needed in 1450 to build his press was available during Jesus’ ministry. Wonder why Jesus didn’t tell his followers to build the press then and begin shipping his words throughout the known world?

Oh well…

Here’s the deal. There are four basic steps in every good story.

  1. Create a character that people like, believe in, and can relate to.
  2. Put that character on a hero’s journey.
  3. Do terrible things to that character.
  4. Surprise the reader/listener/viewer by what happens next.

Steps three and four are the steps that distinguish great stories from so-so stories.

The Bible is one great story because it encompasses all four steps.

Jesus is the hero on a rescue mission from God. Why? Because man really screwed things up back in the Garden. It took God a while to set the stage for Jesus to arrive. Jesus finally did, did what he was supposed to do, and then died a terrible death. What happens afterwards are the surprises that just keep giving.

Yep, all four steps.

It’s step three, do terrible things to the character, that makes this story not go away in the night. Certainly, without Jesus’ resurrection, Gutenberg would not have sold as many bibles. The resurrection is that big of a thing.

This weekend we recognize step three in this greatest story ever told. It’s a serious weekend for serious people. It’s your call on how you spend it.

Me? I’m going to a few church services. I still believe Jesus is who he said he was. I’m still betting my after-life on it.