…today’s secret…A No-Lose Hiring Plan.

Are you too busy to imagine a big thought this week?

If so, would suggest you stop reading now and return to the merely urgent that controls your time.

OK, for those still reading…

Think of some characteristics that describe your perfect employee.

Did your thinking include them showing up for work, maintaining focus, following directions, handling conflict, respectful, adaptable, loyal, etc…? Stuff like this.

It can become a long list, really.

Now, ask your inner voice if each perfect employee virtue you identified is a skill or an attitude.

Attitude is how they behave. Skill is what they do.

Cutting to the chase here, you’ll find that you put a big A by your identified attributes more than you put a big S.

So, here’s the No-Lose Hiring Plan that will skyrocket employee morale and productivity.


Fire your unhappy people. Hire people who have the right attitude.

No, I’m not going to tell you who your unhappy employees are. You know them.

Be nice. Walk up to them, shake their hand, thank them for their service, and tell them they are free to go.

Then hire people who love coming to work. You know what they look like.

Yes, the trick is to know if they will be happy before you hire them.

Skill is conscious competence that can be taught and learned. Now, tell your new hires to stop smiling and then teach them what they need to do.

Big enough imagination for you today?