…today’s secret…The Follow-Your-Passion Myth

If they could, the people you are helping would tell you today isn’t the day they have been looking for.

If they could, they would tell you they are just killing time until the right day comes for them to start their ‘real’ life.

If they could, they would tell you they are waiting for their passion to show up, that thing that will set their soul on fire and make them happy.

Please, tell them they are wasting what could be a wonderful life.

Please, tell them the conventional wisdom to find their passion is not true.

Please, tell them this is how it works. Passion is commitment plus desire plus action.

Please, tell them they first need to find a commitment, something that needs to be done.

Please, tell them they must choose this commitment as it won’t mysteriously drop from the sky.

Please, tell them if they fling themselves headlong into their commitment, passion will soon show up.

Please, tell them that passion might also include pain and suffering when things get hard. See Jesus.

Please, tell them this also applies to everyone, not just them.

And then, give them a metaphor to make your point. Tell them, “In a ham-and-eggs breakfast the chicken is passionate, but the pig is committed.”

No, wait, don’t tell them that. They might get the wrong idea.

Tell them you’re there to help them, regardless of their birth, circumstance, or what animal they might represent. Tell them they are loved beyond their comprehension.

Fingers crossed, maybe one day, they will become that committed pig, like you.

Wait…that still seems metaphorically wrong.

Phooey, life is just so daily sometimes.