…today’s secret…The bad news about 2023.

I think it’s better to know this than not know this one more time.

A new year means a fresh start for many. I will forgo all the rah rah hang in there clichés people give and get this time of year.

And, for the last time in these Tuesday Secrets, I’m going to recap what the world is going to throw at us this year.

Here goes.

For 3,000 years of Western Civilization there have been two 40-year cycles that rule our culture. Start with Solomon, go thru Greece, Rome, Great Britain, and the United States to check this out. Some believe the Civil War was about 10 years early. Go figure.

One cycle is not better than the other. They just are.

For one 40-year period we are driven to find our individuality and freedom. We start at 0 and then swing out 20 years to the apex and then swing back 20 years so the other 40-year period can start. Think of it as a pendulum – out 20 years – back 20 years.

The last 40-year period of individuality and freedom was from 1963-2023. The apex was 1983.

The other 40-year period drives us to work together for the common good. Historically 1923-1963 pegs these 40 years. The apex was 1943.

We are currently in a 40-year cycle that began in 2003. It will end in 2043. It’s apex year is 2023.

That’s this year dude.

Why is this important? The 40-year period apex is the point where it gets as nutty as it’s going to get.

We begin each cycle with the best intentions, but these intentions are always carried too far.

We began in 2003 by coming together for the common good. Barack Obama told us that, “Yes We Can.”

By 2023, right on schedule, we have taken working for the common good too far. Anyone who believes differently from us now is stupid and evil and must be stopped at any cost.

It is no secret that we are deeply divided today in science, politics, and God. We want everybody to know what we think, but don’t really care what others think.

This storyline was the same in the…

1770’s apex. You were either for independence against independence.
1850’s apex. You were either for slavery or against slavery.
1930’s apex. You were either for socialism or against socialism.

Put these two 40-year cycles back-to-back and historically we treat each other worse in the apex of the second cycle than at any time in the 80 years. That moment in the 80-year cycle from 1883-1963 found us in WWII. Getting thru that apex cost about 50 million lives.

For you non-math majors, we are at that second apex now.

If you are interested, I can document where to learn more about these 40-year cycles.

So, something unknown is on the schedule in 2023. Historically speaking, it should be big.

Individually, we cannot alter whatever it is any more than someone could have individually altered the Revolutionary War, Civil War, or World War II.

Today, we can only be aware and adapt our fresh start as best as we can.

OH, we can also listen better. Most people don’t listen.

We are half-way through this current 40-year cycle. Slowly, but slowly, it’s going to get better, so slow you won’t notice it. That’s good news, right?

Plus, there is always a lot of good that still happens in these apex years. I think you are one of them for doing what you do.