…today’s secret…The Seven Mountain Playbook

You might think this week’s Secret is a spiritual ambush. It’s not.

As we get ready to leave 2022, I want to share a personal observation tumbling in my head.

Here goes…

Jesus’ Great Commission was to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.”

He established the Church to get this done. The Church is still working on it.

(1) Some in the Christian community don’t disciple…they just sit tight while the world burns and wait for the Rapture.

(2) Some in the Christian community believe Christ’s Great Commission is achieved by proactively inserting their faith into their society’s culture.

Since the mid 1970s these take-charge Christians believe there are seven mountains of influence that form a society’s culture…seven building blocks that shape how a society thinks and acts.

(1) Education; (2) Religion; (3) Business; (4) Arts/Entertainment; (5) Media; (6) Government; (7) Family.

Bending a culture’s thinking on any ideology is directly proportional to the amount of influence amassed in each of the seven mountains.

So, reclaiming the Kingdom of God in America for these Christians is all about gaining influence in as many mountain they can.

(3) And some in the Christian community push back against this proactive Seven Mountain game plan. They believe a collision of faith and culture doesn’t reflect Jesus’ teachings. Maintain the church and state separation. Stay Christ like. Go deep with God. Serve others. Tell everyone the Good News of Jesus Christ. Disciples make disciples.

My observation…

…the strategy to shift a culture’s frame of mind through its mountains is a well-worn-out playbook dating back to biblical times.

Apply this copy line to any century in world history…

…the (insert name here) have dominion over their culture because of the amount of influence amassed in the (insert mountains here) spheres of influence.

Possible insertion names: Nazis, Romans, Chinese, Elites, Progressives, Taliban, Right Wing Conservatives, Apple; Moral Majority, Left, Hamas, Right, Communist, Big Tech; Religious Right, Russians, etc. etc. etc.

Possible insertion mountains: Education, Media, Business, Arts/Entertainment; Government; Family; Religion.

Looking at the world thru the Seven Mountain Playbook you can start to see why democracies backslide and/or die over time.

The good news here is that the Church mountain still has the best long-term reward.

Well, I guess that last line is a little ambushy.

Happy New Year.