…today’s secret…A year-end project.

You’re committed to helping people whose seeds weren’t properly plant

Yes, beyond doubt, difficult.

But, certainly all those who have darkened your door for help have not continued to falter in life.

Certainly there are those you have helped who are now working and playing well with others.

Ask yourself this question, “What worked for me in helping these people?

I’m not talking about the big thing your organization does like get them a job, help them with their GED, etc.

I’m talking more about the personal side. Did you give them any hope? Build any trust? Improve their self-esteem? Resilience? Motivation? That stuff…

Doesn’t it make sense to identify what has worked for you in the past and use it as a blueprint going forward?

And, if you do, you’ll be in good company.

Henry Ford’s answer of his assembly line came from a bunch of meat packers in Chicago.

Shakespeare’s answer to his Romeo and Juliet characters came from a poem written 32 years before.

Oliver Stone’s answer to his Wall Street movie plot was Platoon’s movie plot where a young man followed a bad father figure before following a good father figure.

There are other examples…Sam Walton, Steve Jobs, Abraham Maslow to name a few…

All became famous (and wealthy) when they, as my friend Roy put it, “repurposed the proven.”

I think this is a good year-end project for you. Identify what you did good and do it again and then keep doing it.