…today’s secret…Weasels
­Here’s a truth that is hard for me to write.

“There is a little weasel in all of us.”

There, I’ve written it down for posterity.

Weasels are small mammals with long bodies and short neck and legs. Weasels look like a large rat, albeit a little prettier.

There are people weasels roaming the earth.

People weasels look like you and me.

People weasels ask for help, but are slow to give it. They seem to wriggle out of everything.

People weasels sing sad little victim songs. Their songs all start with “If only.”

People weasels specialize in whining and blame shifting.

People weasels think only about themselves and make a lot of excuses.

Admit it. At some point in our life, we have been a people weasel.

How do you handle a people weasel?

First, you recognize the people weasel characteristics in a person.

Next, you turn their negatives into a positive and think of them as dependable souls – they will let you down every time.

How you now work with your people weasel is up to you. No foolproof answer here.

If you recognize a little people weasel in you, quietly go to a mirror and stare at the people weasel looking back at you.

With either hand, or both, slap yourself. The degree of slap is directly proportional to the degree of people weaseling you have detected.

Tell yourself you believe in helping others, you are good at getting things done, and you are the good kinda of dependable.

Let the redness subside and then go be the you that you know is really you.

The world needs more hardy individuals who can look into the mirror of their soul and give themselves a cold, hard slap.