…today’s secret…A Futurist Quiz.
­Here’s a short IQ quiz from the Association of Professional Futurists to see how you think about your future. Answers next week. Sorry.

  1. Is there one future or are there many futures?
    a. One
    b. Many
  2. Is the future already determined?
    a. Yes
    b. No
  3. What is the best image of the future?
    a. A dice game
    b. A fast flowing stream
    c. A person writing a poem
    d. A river delta
  4. Which is better for understanding the long-term future?
    a. Single, clear predictions
    b. Multiple possible futures
    c. Neither
    d. Both
  5. Which influences the long-term future the most?
    a. Trends
    b. Events
    c. Choices
    d. All influence the future relatively equally
  6. Which is the most frequently overlooked characteristic when bringing about meaningful change?
    a. Communication
    b. Trust
    c. Vision
    d. Commitment

Your answers to the above are your assumptions. Assumptions are never completely right or wrong although some may be better than others. Mark your answers…

Next week I’ll give you two answers for each question, one from the Association of Professional Futurists viewpoint and the other from me.

You might be surprised how they coincide with the people you are trying to help.