…today’s secret…Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The world has only been right a few seconds and then it’s been unright forever.

It might have been right a lot longer had Eve played Rock, Paper, Scissors with Lucifer to see who would bite the apple.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t Rock, Paper, or Scissor him because this random game of chance didn’t develop until the Chinese first played hand over fist.

But, since then there has been lots of RPS research to develop strategies that would help one person beat another.

It’ been researched that the most popular play is Rock. Scissors is the least popular. If you win on the first play, play what your opponent just played on your second play.

A lot of silly poppycock to see who takes out the garbage.

We play a more serious Rock, Paper, Scissors game in life.

While we are attempting to achieve our preferred future life plays a large societal or global event like a war, pandemic, financial meltdown, etc. Or it plays a more individual event like an accident, illness, relationship trauma, etc.

These events can be in slow, incremental steps over long periods of time or in sudden, large leaps.

It doesn’t matter if we call life’s play a Rock, a piece of Paper, or a pair of Scissors.

What does matter is how we play to beat what life has played. Win? Lose? Draw? Flee? Fight? Pause?

So, thank you for what you do, helping people find and/or achieve their preferred future.

You’re helping those who have lost more Rock, Paper, Scissor games that they have won.

Many of these are among the walking dead who need help in identifying what’s holding them back. They need help in rising above their circumstance.

Here’s the one big lesson they need to learn about the Rock, Paper, Scissors game of life.

It’s not a one-and-done play, best-of-three, or three-of-five game. It’s a best-of-whatever it takes until the world says they can’t play anymore.

Are you up for helping them learn that?