­…today’s secret…A marginalized prayer.

You’re committed to helping those who are a ‘Survival’ phase of life.

They’ve got enough bad in their life and are “aging out” of their past and want a “new me.”

They are asking for your help. Your work is to support their search.

Sadly, they are hesitant to tell you much about themselves because they’re ashamed of their past or just don’t know how to string their story together for you.

Understandable. We all try to hide some things and place ourselves in the best possible light when pressed.

Just a guess…here’s a prayer they will NOT pray for themselves.

Lord, here’s my life, such as it is, a patchwork of small successes interlaced with repeated failures – an ordinary life, for the most part, used and sometimes misused, definitely in need of new management. Teach me to budget my limited resources of time and talent, lest I squander them foolishly on selfish goals and things that don’t really matter.”

Maybe you can pray it for them? Change ‘my’ to ‘their’ and ‘me’ to ‘them’ and ‘I’ to ‘they.’

Sometimes it is good to think about things like this.