…today’s secret…Nine words that can kill your organization.
The term ‘Disruptive Innovation’ has only been around for twenty some years.

However, the term describes events that have occurred since man invented the wheel.

A disruptive innovation is something new that takes root at the bottom of a market and then works its way upmarket to displace the established players.

Automobiles displaced horse carriages. Electricity replaced whale oil. Shopping malls displaced downtown businesses. Discount retailers then displaced shopping malls. And so on…

These are just the easy ones.

Disruptive innovations in technology and health care are rapid-fire and complex today. Are you familiar with Li-Fi? It was introduced ten years ago. How about Gene therapy for Hemoglobinopathies?

OK, you get the picture.

Smart companies monitor potential disruptive innovations 24/7 out of fear of getting blind-sided displaced. They innovate or lose the game.

These smart companies are not measured by sales, growth, or profit as much anymore as their innovation track record.

Then there’s you.

You’re an organization committed to helping people whose seeds were not properly planted. You are all about your program or service. Your safety net is your human touch.

“We’re just people helping people and can’t really be displaced.”

However, I’m betting that no one in your organization is tasked with seeking out innovations that could provide new insights and viewpoints to what you are doing. I’m betting there is no time or resources devoted to scanning the horizons for what’s new.

Sure. Occasionally, an innovation will find you. Maybe from a seminar. Industry magazine. Advertising. One of your clients says something that triggers a fresh eye. Or, maybe a problem develops and someone is assigned to find some possibilities.

When this happens you generally wind up in a pivotal meeting where someone steps up and brings forward a new idea or proposal. A fast-paced discussion begins and support mounts. All good.

Then it happens. Someone in the room utters those nine killer words…

“Let me just play Devil’s Advocate for a minute.”

They then start taking potshots at the idea with total immunity because the Devil made them do it. The fledgling idea just got torched.

This stepper-upper wants to be slapped on the back for their canny insight…I think they should be slapped in the face.

These nine words are the biggest innovation killer in America today.

“Let me just play Devil’s Advocate for a minute.”

I’m not advocating that your organization become a yes-man culture where new ideas are rubber-stamped.

I’m advocating open discussion that eliminates that one person who always raises their hand and says, “Let me just play Devil’s Advocate for a minute.”

Innovations are the lifeblood of growth. Don’t let these nine words stunt your growth.