…today’s secret…Bulls and steers.

I like bulls. Why?

Bulls are passionate. Bulls know what they want.

Bulls want to be left alone to do what they do best with all those cows around.

But no, we don’t always let that happen.

Our human nature is to redirect.

We redirect bulls by putting them in a ring to fight matadors. We redirect bulls by letting cowboys ride them. We even redirect some bulls to become steers who at life’s end just rest between two buns in a bag at a drive-thru window…or something like that.

You are in an industry whose primary purpose is to redirect. You help redirect individuals who face social, economic, educational, physical, or mental hardships. You help them rise above their past and current hardship.

You could call the people you are helping steers. They are passionless. They lack a sense of purpose. They believe their life could easily be a hot dog in waiting.

They hear a lot of bullshit empty words on their way.

"You're a winner."
"You can do it."
"Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
"Yada, Yada, Yada..."

Want to really reverse human nature and start turning steers into bulls?

Find out what the people you are helping are meant to do.
Point them in the direction they really want to go.
Speak to an ability, a talent, or a special sensitivity they possess.
Privately tell them about something special you see in them – something that they, too, know is there –

All of this will give them courage and confidence.

Then get out of their way. Heaven help anyone getting between a bull and their doing what they are meant to do.