…today’s secret…My Easter thought.

God spoke the universe into existence, created man, and gave him absolute authority over the earth, including the ability to disobey God.

All good.

When man disobeyed, God found himself on the outside looking in and knew what he created would now be filled with sin, including death.

Not so good.

God devised a rescue mission.

God showed his displeasure first through Noah. He then partnered with Abraham to establish an earthly generational lane for his son Jesus to come and show man a way back to God.

Finally, Jesus came to earth, became flesh, died, and rose from the dead, doing all that God needed him to do.

Then the two of them finished writing an operations manual and began a word-of-mouth marketing campaign to show man a path back to eternal peace.

So, only two possibilities exist…

(1) Jesus was the Son of God and those who believe in him will live with God forever and those who don’t won’t.

(2) Jesus was a delusional liar and an interesting historical character.

You, and the people you help, can make your own choice between the two.

Me, I’m betting on #1 and will celebrate Easter this coming Sunday.