today’s secret…An every-day day.

Having reached South Bend around half past one, they were now in the middle of a brand-new subdivision of identical homes on identical lots, presumably inhabited by identical people.

Can I ask you a question Wooly?”

“Of course kid.”

Was it hard to be in that Salina boarding school?”

No,” said Wooly. “It was just that every day was just an every-day day.”

“What’s an every-day day?

Every day we would get up at the same time and get dressed in the same clothes. Every day we had breakfast at the same table with the same people. And every day we did the same work in the same fields before going to sleep at the same hour in the same beds.”

Wooly continued, “By turning every day into an every-day day it was easy to manage the place. The cook always knew when to cook breakfast, the history teacher when to teach history, and the hall monitor to monitor the halls.”

As Wooly said these thing out loud to Billy he had an epiphany.

“You know kid, I don’t think we had an every-day day at the boarding school because it made things easier to manage. I think we had an every-day day because it was the best possible means to prepare us to live every-day days like these identical people in these identical homes on these identical lots.”

“You know what I think Billy?”

“What Wooly?”

“I think we need to find us a one-of-a-kind day.”

Amor Towles
The Lincoln Highway

You are working to unmarginalize the marginalized. Thank you.

Are there ways you help the people you are helping have a one-of-a-kind day?

Are there any one-of-a-kind days in your life right now? If not, maybe go find a few?