today’s secret…The rise of the marginalized.

The marginalized people you are helping will understand what I’m about to tell you…

Kinda deep today. Hang with me on this…

If the sun was hollow you could stuff over one million earths in it. Yep, it’s that big.

The sun’s mission is to create gazillions of light particles and shoot them through the Milky Way in all directions.

Einstein called these light particles photons. We call them sunshine.

Photons are the smallest units of light. Itsy-bitsy.

Photons are created in the sun’s core with one assigned task – work your way to the sun’s outer edge and hurl yourself into universal darkness.

Here’s a little-known fact. A newborn photon takes thousands of years to travel from the sun’s core to the sun’s outer edge. Yup. Thousands of years to gain freedom. Thousands.

Here’s why.

Newborn photons are attacked by gaseous predators who break the newborns into pieces and then merge those pieces with other newborn pieces before scattering them in a new direction.

Therefore, the photon that escapes the sun is not the same photon that was originally created.

This is a cosmic makeover subatomic ping-pong match every nanosecond for thousands of years.

And yes, batches of photons do eventually escape the sun’s outer edge. Yippee Skippee!

Just think of the resilience these protons must have to gain their freedom.

And you? Here on earth you have chosen to help marginalized people reach their sun’s outer edge. And, like the sun’s photons, the people you’re helping have also experienced adversity and trauma in their childhood years.

We know this to be true from the 1998 Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) study. The ACE research links childhood trauma with adult chronic diseases and social and emotional problems.

After twenty plus years of collecting data…the ACE data indicates 70% of today’s adults have some degree of untreated mental health issues. Really?

Yes, 70%.

According to ACE only about three out of ten adults are truly prosocially functional.

Employers have tried to ignore the ACE research, but it is finally becoming apparent that much of today’s workforce problems can be attributed to the ACE findings. The whole work world is changing. Gulp!

Smart employers are starting to turn their operations over to robots or invest in more front-line worker training and support. Resilience training is an identified training need.

This is good news for you who work with the marginalized. It’s simple.

While many adults are trying to figure out their dysfunctionality, the marginalized have fought some form of personal, family, or other childhood trauma their entire life.

Marginalized populations don’t need resilience training. They may not know what the word resilience means, but they have a tankful of it.

Employers will soon recognize this. The rest of this next decade can be thought of as the ‘rise of the marginalized’ decade.

If you are not familiar with ACE, maybe it needs a Google. If you are using the ACE I would love to hear about your experiences. Please reply.

So, a sun photon works thousands of years to free itself and travel the Milky Way at 186,000 miles per second. Then how is it that some photons have been traveling at light speed for light years and others have unfortunately hit your sunglasses in only eight minutes?

No wonder some photons get pissed. Just eight minutes?

The marginalized who want to be unmarginalized understand this…and they just keep moving on.

You go people!