…today’s secret…The number 3.

In 1936 Theodore S. Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, found himself below deck listening to the rhythm of the ship’s engines so as to distract himself from a terrifying storm.

da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM

That ship’s rhythm became a key to Ted’s future writing. This is one reason you can’t get Ted’s stories out of your head.

“Green eggs and ham, green eggs and ham, I do not like green eggs and ham…”

da DUM da DUM da DUM

Numbers are a language of their own. Numbers have rhythm.

1 has the rhythm of self-sufficiency. There is only one…

2 has the rhythm of opposition. Right/Wrong. Up/Down. In/Out. Guilty/Innocent.

4 has the rhythm of structure. North/South/East/West. Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall. Matthew/Mark/Luke/John. Hearts/Clubs/Diamonds/Spades.

3 holds the da DUM da DUM rhythm you are looking for when helping people work and play well with others.

3…is the rhythm of energy.

A world of matter springs from protons/neutrons/electrons. 1/2/3/Go. Body/Soul/Spirit. Birth/Life/Death. On your mark/Get set/Go.

da DUM da DUM da DUM

3…is the rhythm of inspiration.

A world of color emerges from Red/Yellow/Blue. Gold/Silver/Bronze. Harmony/Wisdom/Understanding. Red/White/Blue. Duty/Honor/Country.

da DUM da DUM da DUM

3…is the rhythm of spirit.

Father/Son/Holy Spirit. Abraham/Isaac/Jacob. The way/The truth/The life. Love/Prayer/Wisdom. Gold/Frankincense/Myrrh.

da DUM da DUM da DUM

Note: #3 shows up in the Bible 467 times. Jonah was in the whale three days. Three wise men. Jesus spread Christianity for three years. Jesus rose on the third day. Paul was blinded three days. Peter denied Jesus three times…and on and on…

3…is the rhythm of mystery.

Any number that is divisible by three, the reverse of that number is also divisible by three…21 (12)…1368 (8631)…no da DUM here, just interesting, huh?

But, #3…is also the rhythm of you.

The people you are helping live in a three-dimensional world of height, width, and depth. They tell you they hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil. Their problems are with them morning, noon, and night. They have a past, present, and future and are looking for faith, hope, and love.

You are doing something to them, for them, or with them. Your help has a beginning, middle, and end. It starts from a thought, then to a word, and then to a deed. You talk to them about that which was, which is, and which will be. You help them learn, earn, and yearn.

da DUM da DUM da DUM

Our brains are wired for #3. Our brains are drawn to #3. We’re engaged by #3. This number helps us enhance our life and experiences. It has the rhythm of motion and of social activity. The more you learn about #3 the more you’ll love her.

I just think #3 will get you down the line further with the people you’re helping.

So, hey, be brave here, fill in your #3 da DUM da DUM da DUM blanks below. Then do the right thing, the best you can, while showing people you care.

da DUM da DUM da DUM

I help people ______________, _____________ , and _____________.
I ask them to to ______________, ______________, and _____________.