…today’s secret…The Tinkerbell Effect

Prosecutor: What is your name?
Tinker Bell: Tinker Bell. Peter calls me Tink sometimes. You can call me Ms. Bell.
Prosecutor: Where do you live?
Tinker Bell: Neverland
Prosecutor: How old are you?
Tinker Bell: 118 years.
Prosecutor: So, you were born in….1904?
Tinker Bell: Whoa, you guys are sharp.
Prosecutor: Do you know what you are charged with here?
Tinker Bell: You think I’m nuts and need my wings clipped and put in a jar. You think because of me
things exist only because people believe they exist.
Prosecutor: Do they?
Tinker Bell: Dude. The more people believe in something the more it becomes a reality. Don’t blame me for this.
Prosecutor: Who then is behind creating this Effect you’re charged with?
Tinker Bell: People with imagination. That’s who.
Prosecutor: Go on.
Tinker Bell: Hello. Are you stupid? Don’t you dream? I dream. We all dream. The judge here dreams. How does anyone do anything without dreaming about it first?
Prosecutor: Does God dream?
Tinker Bell: Damn right he does. OOPS! Yes, he imagined everything before creating everything.
Prosecutor: Tell me where something exists only by
believing in it.
Tinker Bell: If you don’t believe your money has any value then you are just padding your ass with scrap paper. Duh.
Prosecutor: OK, what about people?
Tinker Bell: What about them? I believe in people and they believe in me. People want to belong. To contribute. To be worthy to somebody. What’s the problem here?
Prosecutor: You believe because children clap their hands you live and fly around Neverland. Can you really fly?
Tinker Bell: Jeeez. What do you think this pixie dust is for?
Prosecutor: Anything else?
Tinker Bell: Yes, Everybody wants to tell everybody how to live these days. Stop it. People need less instruction and more encouragement.
Prosecutor: And why do you say that?
Tinker Bell: Encouragement is what brings hope that the next time will be better than the last time.
Prosecutor: Judge, I rest my case. This little fairy is plum crazy.
Tinker Bell: Hang on Mr. Scrap-Paper-I-Don’t-Clap-My-Hands-For-Anybody. You need to start believing more in people so they can believe in themselves. If you believe in people they will be more cheerful, optimistic and oblivious to fear.
Prosecutor: Really? And, I guess, you want me to believe in fairies?
Tinker Bell: Yep, go ahead, clap those hands of yours. I’ll show you how you can brighten my day.