…today’s secret…The whorehouse lineup

One holiday movie that resurfaces from time
to time is “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.”

(1) Beginning in 1905 customers walked through the front door of the soon-to-be-named Chicken Ranch and were greeted by a lineup of ladies.

(2) For 68 years customers chose their upcoming experience partner and off they went.

(3) Customer qualification was determined by the customer having money.

(4) Customer retention was determined by the amount of money the customer was persuaded to leave at the Ranch.

(5) Farewell greeting was, “Thanks for coming. Ya’ll come back now.”

Unfortunately, the same process is happening in today’s labor market.

(1) Applicant walks through the ‘now hiring’ door and is greeted by a lineup of employers.

(2) Applicant chooses their upcoming partner and off they go.

This is where the Chicken Ranch/employer similarity slightly departs.

(3) Applicant qualification these days is determined by the applicant being able to fog a mirror. Supply and demand thing…

(4) Applicant retention is determined by the amount of money the employer is willing to pay for them to stay.

(5) Farewell greeting is, “Whut happened?”

Face it. The lineup ladies at the Ranch are not looking for a long-term relationship…or to enjoy the one who picked them.

Employers are.

Therefore, retention rates have become an important metric in today’s workplace.

Your 2022 workplace will be a tsunami of dynamics and personalities. 2022 promises to be as chaotic as 2020 and 2021.

This December might be a good time to review your e-harmony-job-match processes and concentrate on how to measure and improve your 2022 retention rates.

Employers who do so will flourish better than those who don’t.