…today’s secret…Recruiting ads that work.

OK, your staffing agency has companies begging for workers. You have open orders you can’t fill. You need applicants and the current wind is in your face.

You think your ads are informative. Relevant. Right to the point. And there you sit, wondering why not…

Maybe it’s time to think a little different about your ads.

People hate boring predictable ads. They don’t respond to people who suck up their time with uninteresting blah, blah, blah words.

The secret to good recruiting ads is to entertain while informing. People love to be entertained. Entertainment is the currency that buys their attention these days.

Recently I encountered a successful recruiting ad writer in the HVAC industry. That industry needs workers also. What industry doesn’t?

At my request he sent me two recruitment ads. One for radio (yes, a 60-second radio recruitment ad) and one ad he posted on jobs and career websites.

If you are interested, I will e-mail them to you.

And, after that, if you are still interested, I will introduce him to you. He reluctantly agreed to this.

Please, know this. The applicants who cost you money are the applicants you never see; those applicants who don’t apply because your ads never got their attention.

Your call here. Just tryin’ to help…