…today’s secret…Dr. Grant’s prayer.

Dr. Richard Grant is a Psychologist in Austin, Texas. I knew Dr. Grant years ago. We no longer communicate as life moves on.

He astounded me then. He still astounds me.

I recently read of his prayer in a Sunday morning Chapel service. Here’s what I read…

Dr. Grant began with our socks, and spoke of his appreciation for the people who grew the cotton and tended the sheep for the wool from which our socks were made.

And then he spoke of his appreciation of the people who worked the machines that knitted those fibers to become the socks we we had on our feet.

And then he spoke of his appreciation of the people who created all the bits and pieces from which our shoes were made. And as he named those bits and pieces that come together to make a shoe, we saw each of those people hard at work, and we understood the benefit we took from their labor.

By the time he got to the people who cut our hair, every person in that room was deep in contemplation of this wonderful, magical, interconnected world in which we live.

And we loved the people who carried things across oceans for us, and the truck drivers who deliver things to warehouses for us, and the warehouse workers who load those things onto trucks for us so they can be delivered to the stores in which we shop, and to the restaurants in which we take such great delight.

Reverand Peter Raible spoke of it this way…

“We build on foundations we did not lay. We warm ourselves by fires we did not light. We sit in the shade of trees we did not plant. We drink from wells we did not dig. We profit from persons we did not know.”

“This is as it should be.Together we are more than any one person could be. Together we can build across the generations. Together we can renew our hope and faith in the life that is yet to unfold.”

“We are ever bound in community.”

You go Dr. Grant. You go Rev Raible!