…today’s secret…On propaganda and truth.

The word propaganda was coined in the early 1600s when Pope Gregory formed the Office of Propagation of Faith to counter the spread of Protestantism.

It was a good word with good intentions.

It remained a good and unimportant word for hundreds of years until the first global brawl, later called World War I.

Investigative journalists revealed that Wilson and the boys convinced America that entrance into the war would save democracy rather than feed the shadow military industrial complex.

The word propaganda, which had laid dormant and hurt no one for centuries, was hijacked and assigned to government lies, half-truths, deceptions, and selective history.

Goodbye Pope Gregory.

This government manipulation didn’t go unnoticed by the General Motors, General Electrics, and the Proctor and Gambles of the world. They became convinced they could also mold minds to create good Americans through smart consumption. Tobacco is good. Cars identify status. Alcohol creates no problems.

The managerial aristocracy began learning like never before how to persuade the lowly American sheep to think, buy, and vote.

Today you would have to be quarantined in a cave not to realize how propaganda has grown to capture our minds in the interest of some policy, commodity, or idea.

The downside to this is civilizations eventually decline when they are beset with propaganda. Our success or failure in whatever we undertake will depend on whether we are guided by truth or whether we proceed in ignorance or falsehood.

In the midst of America’s current tidal wave of propaganda you must recognize and appreciate the importance of truth to the people you are helping.

Like all of us, they need truth to live. Truth is indispensable to them. They are seeking a new reality which may be riddled with terrifying pitfalls and traps.

Your truths help them to stay alive, to better understand themselves, and to live fully in accord with who they are.

Yes. You lack resources. You lack time. Competition is fierce. It is easy to fall prey to process shortcuts in which you assume certain opportunities, possibilities, procedures, and risks are known to them…

…not necessarily so.

Take a moment and reflect about what and how you are sharing information to the people you are helping. Please, understand the importance of truth to them.

Propaganda is where an invisible minority tries to control the majority. You are not about propaganda.

You are about truth. You are about helping them find their individual truths. Find the time and give it to them straight.