…today’s secret…Today’s labor shortage.

Today’s labor shortage is NOT the result of just another economic business cycle. It’s here for a while and you need to deal with it.

Our shortfall in workers has dawned for multiple reasons. Less children. Generational change. Older demographics. Opioid crisis. COVID. More…

Plus, a lot of our missing workers are in jail. We started getting ‘tough on crime’ in the late 70s and our prison population is now over two million. Twelve to thirteen million people circulate through our local jails each year.

Any touch with the criminal justice system can be an obstacle to employment. It’s estimated that one in three American adults have a criminal record. Yep, that many.

We’re not even sure what to call them. Offenders? Prisoners? Inmates? Ex-offenders? Felons? Returning citizens?

We’ll call them second chancers here, for now. We need to start thinking of second chancers as an opportunity and a resource…not a burden. They are currently unemployed or underemployed.

And yes, I get it. I know. A person convicted of a bad action is maybe a bad person. But then, maybe not.

Hiring second chancers is a business decision, not some charity goody-two-shoes effort to help mankind. It’s talent acquisition, talent development, and risk mitigation. Period.

There’ a labor shortage and a talent pool out there to fill it.

Some employers are starting to recognize second chance hiring.

…these employers are establishing processes to carve out the not-bad and not-so-bad from the bad.

…these employers are starting to identify which of the not-so-bad are ready to work and what internal processes are needed to support them upon their hiring.

…these employers are starting to better understand the legal, tax, liability, and ‘Box’ issues of hiring compromised backgrounds.

In summary, these employers believe people can begin again and grow given an opportunity and support. It may be a little harder upfront, but more productive in the end.

They are betting their businesses on it.

If you wish, I can help you jumpstart your education on this. Baby steps first, promise.