July 4th is coming. Time to finish looking at how we got where we are.

…today’s secret…American History Part II
(Constitution to COVID-19…only 429 words)

The uppity colonists had kicked out the Brits and were now wondering how they were going to organize themselves and who was going to wear the pants in this family.

Before the war they had wrote some fiery language in declaring themselves free from England…

…like all me are created equal and man’s rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness comes from God.

Hoo Boy!

They argued deeply about what to do. They finally crafted new documents based in Judeo-Christian principles to back up their earlier radical statements…

…individual freedoms…direct representation…property rights…the rule of law…separation of powers…etc.

Sadly, they couldn’t agree on the abolition of slavery. They knew it to be evil, but it’s demise and the bigotry that would follow had to be left to the next generation(s).

Sorry later-guys.

This was in-your-face history making as the history of world governance had been more tyrannical, more socialistic, less democratic. Waaay more dictatorial!

The study of American history is a study of America’s struggle to (1) achieve America’s promise and (2) undo America’s original sin of slavery. Everything else is details and dates.

Americans have constantly squabbled how to resolve these two struggles. World history storylines have not changed in the new world. Differences center around religion, trade, and power.

Our internal squabbles have identified America’s flaws and shortcomings while also showing its greatness in the world. At times leaders and generations have displayed huge character and virtue. Other times not so much. At times war spewed and thousands of Americans died.

July 4th, 2021…here we are squabbling again. Deeply divided. Polarized. Each side is entrenched. Each side is defending itself at all costs. Seems as though there is a war-like footing brewing.

Is this just a cyclical American squabble or is it more serious this time? Are we disagreeing about how to interpret the founding documents of individual freedoms, rights, and responsibilities or water them down to irrelevance?

Is America’s story one of conquest, rape of a continent, racism, sexism, and bigotry? Has America been one long COVID pandemic in need of transformation?

Or, is America’s tale one of the greater good, personal freedoms, public virtue, human achievement, and respect for a higher power.

The answer will come over the next few July 4ths. Buckle up. It will be interesting.

Until then, we need to continue helping others who are less fortunate than us.

Perfection is unattainable for nations and people.

People are not born with equal talent nor equal opportunity.

You know that and that is why you do what you do.

Thank you.