…today’s secret…The lie that is Britain.

In the early 20th century the British empire reached a territorial size larger than any other empire in history.

Larger than Rome. Larger than Spain. Larger than any previous civilization.

Britain wore the mantle “the empire on which the sun never sets” because at least one British colony could be found in each of the world’s twenty-four time zones during daylight.

For the first thousand years after Christ, this little piece of ground was just a dreary little island of cast-offs, rejects, and losers.

It was conquered by the Romans, Germanic tribes, Vikings, Normans heavens, even the French and Dutch invaded at one time.

So, who inspired this tiny island to rise up and take over the world?

A simple Welsh monk named Geoffrey wrote a complete Brit history that gave his people a glorious past. It was a detailed account of the deeds of the British people the previous 17 centuries.

You know Geoffrey’s people. King Arthur. Guinevere. Merlyn. Lancelot. Knights of the Round Table. The sword in the stone story.

But, not one of Geoffrey’s words were true. It was all a lie.

Yet it was a good enough lie for this dreary little island of cast-offs, rejects, and losers to see themselves as a magnificent nation.

The people you are helping lie and hide themselves from others in order to cover a troubled past or gain benefits. They see themselves as cast-offs, rejects, and losers…and why would they want to share that with anyone?

America has lots of heroes that hold the high standards we could strive for. Historic. Folk. Comic book. They are in our books, songs, movies, and sports.

But, unfortunately, these days our heroes are under assault. Today it’s all about being real. In your face kinda real.

The people you are helping are ordinary people who, despite their past, can rise up and do amazing things. Calling on our American heroes to suggest a path forward for them is a risky option these days.

But, you can still help them see their possibilities, whatever those possibilities may be. Right?

You know from experience that not all of them will finish strong. Just remember, people do in reality what they see them doing in their mind.

Do what you can to bring out their best! Do what you can to help them see a world that could be for them. They may forget what you say, but not how you make them feel.

Heroes can be beautiful lies. I miss them a lot. Where are my childhood Supermans, Batmans, and Paul Bunyans when you need them?