…today’s secret…A rainbow future.

I’m writing this week to those of you who help people with compromised backgrounds find employment.

Your complex challenge is to find potential applicants with iffy backgrounds and employers who are iffy to hire them.

If you are expecting me to detail this complexity here, talk about metrics, media choices, inquiries, leads, nurturing, who should do what and when, and the real role of salespeople…you’ll have to wait for a later sunrise.

Here are some big-dot thoughts that can help you find your rainbow future:

1) There are a lot of stupid people in America. There are always more fools than con men because the con men couldn’t live without them. You are neither of these. Please, believe that.

2) The majority of the people you need to persuade are smart with unprecedented access to information. Assume their smartness…and assume they have been lied to by the best and can spot a half-truth a mile away. Then, be what you say.

3) You cannot take a person where you want them to go until you first meet them where they are. Easier said than done, but still worthy of pursuit. Think deeply about this. It’s a key variable.

4) Be relevant. Your messaging must address a desire in their hearts. If not, you are answering questions they aren’t asking.

(Hint: Three unspoken questions the people you are trying to persuade are asking all day every day are…Why should I?…Why should I care?…What’s in it for me?)

5) Be credible. Your words and actions have credibility to the degree they are believed. Convince them you are not in this business to just buy groceries. Their trust in you will skyrocket.

Final thought.

If your sales funnel is running low…is it because potential applicants and
employers DON’T know about you…or because they DO know about you?