…today’s secret…Dignity, round two.

Life has roughed up the people you are trying to help. Seems as though we are all getting a little roughed up these days.

Donna Hicks has written two books on dignity.

Dr. Hicks writes that ALL of us are born with value and worth. “Everyone wants to be treated in a way that shows they matter.”

She writes that society then, unfortunately, begins to defile that value and rank us into Somebodies and Nobodies.

Her premise is that a dignity approach in our life and workplace is the secret to resolving conflict and bringing out the best in people.

She believes we are all responsible for our own dignity, the dignity of others, and the dignity of something greater than ourselves, whether that be a higher power or a purpose.

She argues that today’s leaders need to step back and examine if any of these dignity connections are embedded in their organization.

And, if not, she details how leaders can create a culture of dignity.

In both books, Dr. Hicks identifies ten essential elements we need to be aware of to honor the dignity of others. She also identifies ten temptations we have that violate the dignity of others.

I will send these 20 to you…all you need to do is say “Heck yeah!”

Or, of course, you could buy the book(s). Your call.